Our Supplement Dispensary

We are proud to offer a carefully edited selection of the highest quality products from professional supplement lines in our office dispensary.

Discounted Supplements – 18% off

For those who cannot make it to the office or for products we don’t carry regularly, we also extend our professional discount to our clients, who may order directly for home delivery. Orders over $49 will ship for free; otherwise a low flat-rate $4.95 shipping fee will be added to your order.

How does this work?

  • First, request a login to our Wellevate dispensary page. Please note your first and last name, and email address you’d prefer your login be associated with in the email request.
  • We will create a login for you, and then you’ll receive an email invitation from Wellevate to activate your account.
  • Click on the “Activate your Account” button in the email invitation, and create a password for your account. Record your password so you can login in the future. Order any products you need, and they will be delivered to your home, or the address you specify.

If you have already activated your Wellevate account, login to order your supplements.

What are Professional Line supplements?

Not all supplements are created equally.  Vitamins, minerals and other bioactive compounds are produced in different forms, and many of the cheaper, drugstore brands do not use the forms that absorb well into the body.  You often end up eliminating much of the supplement through urine or feces.  This is a waste of money and effort.  Professional line supplement companies produce their products in facilities dedicated to quality.  Many of the facilities that make the supplements we sell are pharmaceutical level.  These companies sell their products only through credentialed practitioners, like us, because we know the benefits of better quality ingredients and using different forms for different goals.  You truly do get what you pay for.

Monthly Sales

Each month we have a 20% off sale on featured products offered through our Newsletter. To make a purchase or an inquiry just call us at 206-853-0534 or use our contact form »



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