Some of you may be familiar with our newsletter that is sent out via email once a month, but some of you may not, as client’s have responded with surprise at the mention of the newsletter, stating they have  not seen it arrive in their inbox. This is not a hard scenario to imagine, as most modern adults receive a heavy amount of email traffic or email software shuttles it to a Promo or Junk folder (sniff, we’re hurt! 😥 ). With emails coming in daily from countless different senders, keeping up with incoming mail can be a daunting task. That is why we understand that our newsletters have been missed in the past! Though that brings us to conclude that if our newsletter is not being seen by our clients, our newsletter is certainly not helping us engage with our clients.  

In an effort to expand our reach, increase reader response, and avoid contributing to the noise of email inboxes, beginning in 2019 we will be moving away from the monthly email newsletter. Instead we will be using our Facebook, Instagram, and website blog to share announcements, nutrition information, upcoming events, and other relevant content. Our November newsletter was released last week, and there will be one more to follow for December 2018.  Then we will only be sending out occasional announcements via the email platform.

Email newsletters are often a one-way method of communication; we send them out but don’t receive much feedback from them. In taking most of our content to Instagram and Facebook our posts will be easier to engage with, prompting communication that flows both ways. Questions, comments, and sharing is encouraged, we want to hear from you! Your feedback gives insight about audience preferences which can impact future posts, products, and services. In 2019 we are looking forward to increased connection and interaction with our readers.

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Written by Makala Thurston

Administrative Assistant, BS in Nutrition & Dietetics


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