Choosing beauty and skin care products can be quite difficult as there are endless options to choose from and new ones being marketed to consumers every single day. To make matters even more complicated, many of these products contain ingredients that are known toxins, cancer promoting, and/or disturbing to our bodies in general, causing a range of problems from hormone disruption, allergic reactions, inflammation, to even neurotoxicity. In addition, most of these ingredients are also harmful to the environment.

For these reasons it is important to choose natural products free from additives and chemicals. To help you better navigate the over-saturated market of cosmetics and skin products, Starkel Nutrition dietitians and nutritionists have recommended some of their own personal favorites!


Julie Starkel: “My favorite brand of skin care products is Eminence. It is organic as well as effective. Don’t purchase from Amazon, as I have received counterfeit. Instead buy from an authorized seller.”

Siona Sammartino: “My skin care routine is as follows:

  1. Rose Water or Rose Hydrosol to tone and calm my skin.
  2. Next I use a serum. My favorite is Hyaluronic acid by Devita Rx to bring hydration to the skin under my moisturizer. This is my favorite serum for skin elasticity and plumping up tired looking skin.
  3. I make homemade beauty oils utilizing mostly jojoba oil or apricot kernel oil as the base plus a couple of drops of rose hip seed oil and then a mix of essential oils that target specific concerns I am trying to target. I use this as my moisturizer
  4. Helichrysum essential oil is one of my favorites for its anti-inflammatory and anti-aging effects (I mix it into my beauty oils above).

Edible beauty care is my biggest skincare secret for a glowing complexion and to promote youthful looking skin with plenty of anti-aging benefits. I recommend:

  • Collagen Peptides everyday
  • Cod Liver Oil for its rich source of skin-loving fat soluble nutrients: vitamin A, D and E + omega 3 Fatty Acids.
  • Cold-pressed green juice and vegetable green smoothies on the daily.
  • Also avoiding my allergens, which otherwise give me black under eyes and skin troubles such as redness, pustules and eczema.

I love working with clients on their skincare issues and this is one of my areas of focus in my practice. Let me know if I can help you with a customized plan for edible beauty care.”

Grace Lautman: “Here are some of my favorites:

  • Marie Veronique’s facial care & Herbivore’s facial care (for acne, redness, and overall protection of the skin’s natural barrier)
    • I like Marie Veronique’s treatment cleanser, treatment mist, treatment serum, treatment oil, and barrier restore serum (In that order)
    • I also like Hervibore’s Blue Tansy oil and their Blue Tansy Clarity Mask
  • One Love Organics Vitamin C Serum for skin repair and for helping with any irritation. 
  • Daily sunscreen: Marie Veronique! Again.
  • Exfoliating loofa occasionally for face.
  • Valentina’s Naturals Body Lotion.
  • Magnesium salts in baths to calm and soothe any sore or tense muscles.”

Gretchen Gruender: “My beauty tips are pretty basic:

  • Wear a good quality sunscreen on your face anytime you go outside. I often check the products I’m interested in at the Environmental Working Group site – on their Skin Deep database. Products change so I revisit each year.
  • A good quality fish oil. Although it does not go directly onto my skin it makes a huge difference in how it feels, especially in winter months.
  • Sleep and plenty of water! Nothing can replace the positive effects both of these make on the skin.”

Brooke Brandeberry: “Pretty much everything I use is by BeautyCounter. It’s a brand that does not allow any toxins, fragrances, etc into their products and spends a certain % of their sales to send people to Congress to fight for more laws surrounding what can be added into body and skin care. The best ones:

  • Charcoal bar and charcoal face mask to really help pull out toxins in the skin
  • Facial oils — they have a few different ones to choose from depending on your skin. Surprisingly, for oily faces, putting oils ON your skin helps calm down the oil production.

The hair stuff that I use is by Loma. Their scents only come from essential oils so they don’t bother me and fade away quickly (so they don’t bother other people during the day!)”

Written by Makala T., BS in Nutrition & Dietetics

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