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Job Title: Nutritionist – Eating Disorder and Body Image Specialist

Starkel Nutrition (SN), a private practice nutritional and mental health counseling clinic located in the University District of Seattle (as well as telehealth), is looking for a skilled and passionate individual to join our team to grow toward full-time. Our nutritionists work with a wide variety of medical and health issues, from autoimmune disease and gastrointestinal disorders to general wellness and optimal health, and we are looking to expand our eating disorder recovery offering.

We are seeking a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) (preferred) or a Certified Nutrition (CN in the state of Washington), with experience in treating eating disorders to become a member of our team of practitioners. In addition, an LMHC license would strengthen your application.Specifically we are looking for someone with experience in restrictive eating disorders, including experience working with adolescents. We are lucky to have a nutritionist/therapist who works with loss of control eating disorders with whom you would collaborate and work closely together to provide a rounded experience for our clients. Our eating disorder colleagues are integral to our clinic, and we find that having this service within a general nutrition clinic helps us serve all our clients more effectively and appropriately.


  • Provide outpatient nutrition counseling and therapy to individuals struggling with eating disorders, disordered eating, body dysmorphia, and exercise addiction
  • Create clear and manageable patient plans as appropriate
  • Maintain clinical documentation for client and insurance purposes
  • Schedule client appointment follow ups
  • Counsel in other specialty areas of nutrition (GI health, adrenal health, thyroid, etc.)
  • Create support groups, programs or other ways to reach clients
  • Collaborate with parents/caregivers and other practitioners as part of client treatment team
  • Be educated and familiar using nutritional supplements to promote health and bring clients back into balance
  • Counsel in other related specialty areas of nutrition (GI health, adrenal health, thyroid, etc.)
  • Build your practice with networking efforts
  • Networking with others in the ED and other health communities
  • Participate in local professional organizations
  • Write/speak when the opportunities arise
  • Contribute to the clinic’s marketing efforts monthly through:
    • Monthly blogs
    • Supplement reviews for team meetings
    • Periodic website content
  • Contribute patient and practitioner information to our internal files
  • Attend weekly staff meetings
  • Maintain credentials and continuing education while staying current within your area of practice


The SN clinic has a full administrative team, 7 practitioners, a nutritional supplement dispensary, and comfortable offices. We are a fun bunch and enjoy each other’s company. The clinic will introduce you and promote you within our network of referrers, and start your practice growth process. The position does not immediately start full-time because you and the clinic will need work toward building a full practice. This comes from the joint efforts of the clinic and your own networking and client retention. The admin team handles all scheduling, bookkeeping, offices, charting and other software, insurance and out-of-pocket billing, client contact, etc.


  • Must be a registered dietitian nutritionist (RDN) or certified nutritionist (CN) in the state of WA
  • Ideally be a licensed therapist (LMHC) or associate therapist in the state of Washington or have continuing education in counseling
  • Live, behave and talk in a way that supports a non-diet, non-weight biased relationship with food and body
  • Have an understanding or knowledge in Health at Every Size and Intuitive Eating
  • Have completed or be willing to complete trainings in suicide assessment and prevention
  • Have completed or be willing to complete credentialing with insurance companies (clinic will help you with this)
  • Strong work ethic, empathetic, collaborative, and committed to learning


  • You may schedule your hours as are convenient for both clients and you with telehealth (currently due to COVID) although one practitioner has started to see clients in the office again
  • Once back in the office, office hours are flexible but dependent on office availability. The schedule is coordinated through the admin team with all practitioners (office is open 7 days/week – no admin coverage on Saturday or Sunday)
  • You already have clients at the clinic to begin seeing immediately (the phones are ringing!) and together you and the clinic will build your clientele over time.
  • Full time is considered 22 or more clients/week (appointments, charting, coordination of care) plus clinic contribution work (approx 4 hour/week)


  • Employee status
  • Competitive progressive pay structure based on experience and client hours
  • Once at full-time, health and dental insurance partial premiums, paid vacation & holidays

Interested candidates should send a resume and a cover letter addressing the points above, why you are interested in working at Starkel Nutrition and why would you be a good fit for our team to

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