When we hear the word “detoxification,” images of a glass filled with lemon water, maple syrup, and cayenne pepper fill our heads. Weeks of juicing, fasting, and fad dieting spark feelings of anxiety and hesitancy. It is no wonder that we bristle at the idea of traditional, fasting cleanses that will inevitably lead us to feelings of starvation, fatigue, and increased fear of food. Although these particular methods of cleansing advertise the mission to remove toxicants from the body, they often do not mention the fact that our bodies contain an intricate internal detoxification system that is constantly working to cleanse our bodies. Furthermore, these restrictive diets look over the fact that they starve the body of the energy and nutrients necessary for this cleansing process. 

We are here to tell you there is a more impactful, more scientific way to cleanse your body. It is true that we are bombarded with environmental toxins on a daily basis. It is in the air we breathe, the food we eat, the products we put in our hair and on our skin, and our household products. We even have processes within our very own bodies that produce damaging chemical agents. Luckily we have an ingenious system of organs that work to eliminate these toxins. Organs like our intestines, lungs, kidneys, skin, lymphatic system, and finally our superhero cleansing organ, the liver. Each of these systems requires specific energy (think calories) and nutrients (think vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants) to keep them running efficiently. This is the foundation of the Starkel Nutrition Cleanse Program. A fresh take on cleansing and detoxification.

The purpose behind the Starkel Nutrition Cleanse Program is to nourish your body with targeted nutrition and lifestyle changes in order to free up energy and fortify your organs of detoxification with the fuel it needs to work efficiently. 

Freeing up Energy to Detoxify

The abundance of environmental and biological toxins can be overwhelming for our detoxification system. We are exposed to endogenous and exogenous toxins all the time. Endogenous toxins refer to the damaging agents that are created by our body’s biological processes. This includes metabolism (the conversion of food and drinks to energy) and the breakdown of fat tissue to convert to energy. It even includes the detoxification pathway itself! Exogenous toxins refer to the environmental chemical agents that we often associate with the word toxin. These include pollutants, pesticides, and herbicides found in our produce, heavy metals like lead, mercury, which are found in food, gasoline, fertilizers, and car exhaust. Even naturally existing proteins in foods like wheat, eggs, dairy, and corn can act as toxins when our body views them as a threat. Due to this constant exposure to toxins, it is no wonder our internal detoxification system cannot keep up with the influx. When we are inundated with toxins every day, our body does not have the ability or energy to clear out what has been built up, thus creating what is called a toxic load. 

The Cleanse Program provides the rest that our body needs to do its deep cleaning by delivering the nutrients needed to make sure your innate detoxification system is running on full steam, and by removing the common food allergens that cause irritation and inflammation, drawing energy away from clearing out your toxic load. By decreasing the toxic exposure and boosting your nutrient game, your body will have the energy needed to eliminate that toxic build-up. 

Most traditional cleanse programs focus on what you need to take out, the Starkel Nutrition Cleanse Program aims to boost your nutrition, adding in liver-supporting foods like cruciferous vegetables, beets, garlic, onion, and plenty of protein. You will be given an ample amount of resources that outline sample meal plans, snacks, sweet treats, self-care activities to support your body and mind, gentle movement, and an ample amount of recipes. The master-level nutritionists leading our cleanse program will guide you through each step of the process, offering you the education needed to successfully implement the dietary and lifestyle changes. They understand that you live a busy life and encourage progress, not perfection. 

Who is this Cleanse Program for? 

The Starkel Nutrition Cleanse Program is for anyone wanting to bolster their immune system, amp up their energy, identify food triggers, clear their brain fog, soothe their stomach, or for anyone who simply needs a wellness reset. It is for someone who does not know where to start when it comes to their health and wants some gentle guidance and encouragement from like-minded people and a couple of experts. If you feel like you fall into any of these categories, take some time to reach out to the Starkel Nutrition team to learn more about our Cleanse Program. We look forward to helping you rejuvenate and rebuild your health!


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Written by Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Cleanse Program Co-Leader, Emmilia Smith, MS, RDN