Bonnie Deopp, MS, CN, LMHC

Certified Nutritionist | Licensed Mental Health Counselor | LGBTQ & Trauma Specialist
Pronouns: She/her/hers

Bonnie is passionate about helping you find peace in your relationship with food and your body through collaborative, intuitive, mind-body healing including the integration of nutrition and mental health counseling by bringing awareness to thoughts, feelings, triggers, and moods that contribute to our nutritional choices and vice versa.  Bonnie is a strong advocate for trauma informed care and believes in the power of exploring the impact of past experiences on our here and now choices, our physical and emotional reactions to triggers, and on our overall health. 

Bonnie started her nutrition education at a traditional university and felt dissatisfied with the stereotypical recommendations for calorie counting, diet foods, and focusing on the scale.  She knew there had to be something healthier, which led her to Bastyr University where she became passionate about intuitive eating, food as medicine, whole foods nutrition, the connection of nutrition and mental health, and Health at Every Size (HAES).  This was life changing, both professionally and personally.  Bonnie has a great appreciation for the courage it takes to seek out help which started through her own collaborative journey towards body positivity and discovering the freedom to eat mindfully and intuitively.

Bonnie graduated from Bastyr in 2011 with a dual Master’s in Nutrition and Clinical Health Psychology and has been honored to work in inpatient and outpatient eating disorder, addiction, and mental health treatment centers and most recently in Gender Dysphoria treatment among the incarcerated trans population.  Bonnie is committed to providing a safe space for LGBTQ, BIPOC, People of Size, and all marginalized groups.  She strives to be multiculturally competent  through advocacy, self education, and truly listening to others’ experiences. She helps clients work towards self love and acceptance in order to de-internalize stigmas and to advocate for self  as powerful tools against the impact of discrimination and marginalization in health care and in our society.

Bonnie’s Clinical Focuses are:

  • Eating Disorders, with a focus on loss of control when eating in adults and adolescents
  • Health at Every Size and Body Positivity
  • Emotional Eating
  • Gastric Bypass Recovery & Alternatives
  • Gender Affirming Transitions
  • Addiction Recovery
  • Fertility Issues & PCOS
  • Nutrition for Mental Health, including the impact of trauma and childhood adversities on digestion, inflammation, and food choice

In her time outside of work, Bonnie can be found around town with her wife and toddler at various coffee and tea shops, parks, playgrounds, and sidewalk dining.  She loves cooking, fermenting, hiking, kayaking, and patio gardening.

Bonnie is also a founder and lead nutritionist at Body Wise Nutrition & Eating Disorders. Check her out there if you are need of disordered eating support. 

COVID-19 updates: We are open and accepting new patients! We offer 100% of our appointments via Telehealth to keep you healthy, safe and at home.

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