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We are often asked by our clients how many sessions does a person typically need to achieve their goals.  The answers vary greatly.  For example, with simple issues, we often see people only a few times, and this is enough to get them on their way to a more healthful, success path.  In other cases, we see clients weekly for a few years, because patterns are deeply ingrained and change requires deeper work.  It really depends on the nutrition status, medical issues, or relationship with food each individual has. Having said that, it is typical that we see our clients frequently in the beginning, often weekly for the first three to four weeks.  This is to establish a general understanding of nutrition as a foundation for health, and then focus on our clients’ specific issues. Because each person’s path is so unique, we offer some structured programs and some loosely structured ones.  This allows us to individualize the path based on our client’s readiness for change, pace and ability to incorporate recommendations, and complexity of the issues.  We have found that focusing around goals is a better, more successful approach, and structuring time-based packages allows our clients to take on their work in phases. All packages start after the intake appointment.  Below are the suggested packages.  (Note: These apply to those whose insurance does not cover nutrition, or to those whose nutrition benefits have been exhausted for that year.)

Metabolic Reset and Weight Loss Program

We have been growing this program since 2010.  To learn more about this program, please visit our Metabolic Reset and Weight Loss Program page.

Periodic Food-based Cleanse

Offered a few times per year, our food-based, 21-day cleanse allows cravings to subside, to reset healthy eating habits and give our bodies a rest from toxin accumulation.  Many also find this cleanse as an excellent start to weight loss.  To learn more about this programs, please visit our Cleanse page.

Monthly Focus Package (4-Session package)

For those who need minimal guidance or are working on small shifts in their health.

Change Package (6-Session Package)

Research has shown that habits can start to change in 90 days.  This package is ideal for those who want to change their eating habits and relationship around food.

Transformation Package (12-Session Package)

Transformation happens with hard work and over time.  Our 12-session package allows for transformation to occur.  It is in this 6-month time frame that we see cholesterol levels fall, blood glucose levels normalize, and significant weight loss.  Also those with more complicated health issues, we recommend this package as an economical choice. For program costs, please see each individual program page.  For package costs, please see our Fee Schedule in Welcome Letter on our New Clients page.

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