Starkel Nutrition Cleanse Program

Introducing the Saranta Detox Cleanse!

Participate in cleansing without the weekly live check-in. 6 weeks of Saranta content available to you on demand! The Saranta Detox Cleanse includes 6 weekly video sessions, the Saranta manual, the Saranta recipe booklet, and a community page with 24/7 access to our cleanse leaders and the rest of the Saranta community!

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Are you ready to get your vitality back? Our 6-week cleanse program is a whole foods step-wise approach designed to help your body eliminate toxins, assimilate maximum nutrients, and restore balance and energy to your entire being.

Key benefits that cleansing may help:

  • Improve digestive issues
  • Enhance immune function
  • Clear out brain fog
  • Get better sleep
  • Lower abdominal fat
  • Remove skin issues
  • Illuminate the body-mind connection to food
How does it work?

Over 6 weeks you will cleanse your body of toxins, lower inflammation, improve digestion, and increase your overall energy. Using a whole foods approach, you will learn what foods best support cleansing and detoxing and then how to safely reintroduce eliminated foods back into your diet. You will enjoy a variety of meals, snacks, and beverages that are clinically designed to deliver the most impactful cleansing experience. Lastly, you will gain the knowledge and motivation to keep you on track for the entirety of your program and beyond!

What does support look like?

Our nutritionists use an integrative, whole-body approach to guide you through the stages of cleansing and detoxification. They skillfully and compassionately help grow your understanding of the transformation that is happening while on your Cleanse. You will have all your questions addressed, your feedback well received, and the encouragement needed to put your health first. At the end of each session, you will be empowered to make a plan, take action to change, and enjoy the journey.


With over 100 recipes available on the Cleanse program you are encouraged to enjoy a variety of cleansing foods and drinks. You can create a personalized menu or simply follow our nutritionist-designed weekly menu plan and a complimentary shopping list to get you started.


Highly recommended! For an optimal cleanse experience we have curated a clinical line of bundled supplements just for you. 

  • High-quality fish oil to support a healthy inflammatory response
  • Bioavailable vitamin D formulation to support energy and immune function
  • Specialized detoxification, multivitamin, and mineral support
  • Concentrated broad-spectrum probiotic supplement supplying well-researched probiotic species to support gastrointestinal and immune health
  • Grass-fed collagen peptides to provide flexibility and additional nutrition to your cleanse experience

Cost of supplements is additional.

Seasonal Recipe

Detoxing Beet & Carrot Salad

Don’t see the answer to your question about the cleanse? Please review our FAQ sheet. Also, check out our blog post to learn more about cleansing!