Program Structure

This is not a quick-fix program, but it is one that works. The program has four key phases, all of equal importance:

The preparation period is critical for transitioning into the program, as it can be emotionally and physically intense. This period can last anywhere from one to four weeks. We find that people who commit to implementing a preparation period tend to have more success in the program.

The weight-loss phase of the program is administered in 4-week increments. After our free info session, the program starts with a 1-hour private appointment to establish goals, take baseline biometric measurements, and prepare for success in the program. Subsequent 20-minute weekly appointments serve as consistent check-ins to provide emotional support, maintain accountability, and take measurements to track progress.

These initial five weeks also include email and phone support as needed, as well as participation in our monthly support group. Appointments continue until the desired weight is achieved. At that point, we move into the third phase.

Most programs end as soon as the goal weight is achieved, but we know that the most important (and sometimes most difficult) part is after the weight loss. Depending on the person, this phase can last up to 10 weeks.

During transition and testing, foods that were removed during the weight-loss phase are slowly reintroduced. We work together to test and explore food intolerances or toxins that may lead to weight gain, and we also delve into the emotional aspects of food. This information is key for maintaining a healthy weight and supporting overall health for life.

Lastly, maintaining the weight loss is a phase.  We work on how to deal with relapse, how to move forward with an entirely different way of eating and approach to and relationship with food.

Personalized Weekly Appointments

We have weekly check-ins measuring & support appointments, as well as an option for exercise support. We also use this website to post articles and recipes for our clients, and encourage commentary on the site. Emails and phone calls are also support options.

Please contact us for information and how to get started.


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