Weight Loss Success Stories From Our Clients

From life-long struggles to sudden issues with weight loss brought on by stress, new children, diet or disease, we have had the privilege to help change the lives of these and other wonderful Met Reset program participants. Read on and be inspired to reset your life.

I enrolled in the Met Reset Program in the spring of 2014.  I was tired of being tired. I had always been active, even at my heaviest, but it was getting harder to do the things I had to do every day. I was skeptical that I could lose any weight; I thought that at my age of 50+, one’s adult weight was fixed and unchangeable. I am a tall woman with a large bone structure, and I believed that extra weight came with the package.

With Riana’s guidance, I was able to lose 70 pounds. Riana was able to show me how to rebuild my diet so I wouldn’t gain any more weight. I am stronger than ever, and have much more energy. I can now walk faster and longer and I ride my bicycle at a quicker pace.  My little 125cc Yamaha scooter is much more responsive with less weight to carry.

I am still tall and large boned, and proud of it.  I will use the knowledge I gained about diet and nutrition to guide me through the rest of my life.


Food and weight have been life-long struggles for me. I was anorexic as a teen, and have been overweight for most of my adult, married life. When my doctor suggested I go see Julie, I felt ashamed, embarrassed and hopeless.  It took 3 months of contemplation, and a 40th birthday looming on the horizon before I felt brave enough to give Julie a try, and guardedly made an appointment.

From the first appointment, Julie’s approach was kind, encouraging and individual.  I felt welcomed, seen and supported and was given great, personalized information and practical guidance.  After several months of making dietary changes without significant results, we decided the metabolic re-set was an appropriate next step. I am amazed! Over the next 9 months I lost 60 pounds and 12 dress sizes. By learning to understand my own body and its sensitivities, I’ve successfully maintained my weight loss for 6 months and I feel like I’ve been given tools to navigate food in a new way.  Has it always been easy? No.  Has the journey been life-changing and worth it?  A hundred-times, Yes!!


The Metabolic Reset Program has been revolutionary for me in that it has finally helped me understand that my chronic struggles with my weight have far less to do with the calories, and way more to do with what foods my body thrives on. I used to believe that my body and I were at odds, I would do everything “right” according to media resources with little long-term success, and I didn’t trust my body.  I consider myself a genetic pre-diabetic in that I have the metabolic struggles of a diabetic and the familial history, but not the blood work or more acute symptoms of a diabetic.

Now, I understand my body, what it needs, what slows it down and NOW I make knowledgeable choices.  I am no longer a victim to my body or food.  In a year on this program I am down 15 pounds lower than my lowest weight after working on it for three years- for a total of 45 pounds lost this year.  I went on a two-week vacation to England and followed my program with planned excursions and only gained one pound.  Usually I would gain a pound for everyday I was on vacation.  The transition does take time and there will be struggles but the long-term reward, comfort with my body, and joy I get out of my choices are indescribable.  Initially, you will think you are just making a choice for your weight as a sacrifice, right? But when you see that this change will impact your mood, your energy, your outlook, your stress level and how good you look in jeans, you will be a true believer in the impact of increased toxins on our poor bodies.  I am a baker and candy maker by love, and I have learned how to work with these talents and my better eating.


I liked to hide behind my kids… I was always strategically placing them so that you wouldn’t see all the “extra me.” This picture is at my son’s preschool graduation in June 2012, the month I started on my metabolic reset.

I started the program (gulp) at 227.7 pounds.  Before then, I avoided all scales, cameras, and mirrors with a passion.  I knew (but wouldn’t openly acknowledge) that the “outside” me didn’t reflect how I felt on the inside.  The outside me looked tired, bloated, and aging, while the inside me felt youthful, energetic and fun.  That is why I avoided the lens of a camera or the shiny reflection of a mirror… it would just highlight what I knew I wasn’t and I didn’t want to face the reality.  I was too busy dealing with the realities of being a full-time working woman, a mom to two children on the autism spectrum, an advocate for my boys that fights and negotiates with school districts and insurance companies daily, the bill payer, the home-maker,  the house manager… you name it, and I am it.  It was very easy to put my family first, second and third and myself last.

There is a lot to my story but if I keep it short and simple, life very clearly put the reality in front of me and I could not run from it.  A doctor sat me down and told me that I needed to have surgery to remove a watermelon sized tumor from my body.  And they told me that my chances for a fast recovery hinged on the fact that I lose 50 pounds in the next 6 months.  Based on history, including gestational diabetes that required daily insulin shots and my thyroid issues, losing weight was not going to be easy, nor was it something I could tackle successfully on my own.  I needed to be very serious and conscientious about how I lost the weight and develop a lifestyle that could be something I could maintain for the rest of my life.  And I knew that my metabolism had a significant impact on how this was going to be achieved.

Currently, I have lost 50 pounds and am half way to my goal.  I thought 100 pounds was near impossible but it really isn’t.  I couldn’t have done it without Metabolic Reset nor Grace’s or Julie’s help.  I will be forever appreciative of what they have taught me.  And my “outside me”, is getting in-line with the “inside me”.

Half-way to my goal!


I have lost 37 pounds so far and I’ve gone from a size 16 to a size 12 since then.  I’ve lost inches off my waist, bust and thighs.  I’ve still got further to go, but I am excited about the progress I have made so far.

One of the items I am permitted to eat on the metabolic reset shopping list is cheese.  I figured I could tackle this lifestyle change because my biggest comfort food ever is allowed.  As long as I had my cheese, I could do this.  The thing is that I wasn’t feeling as good as I thought I should considering the overload of veggies I had introduced into my life.  I knew something else had to change.  I discussed this with Grace, my metabolic reset “coach” and she suggested that I drop the cheese.  Not just cut back on the cheese, eliminate it completely.  I may have a dairy sensitivity she told me. . .and to my absolute horror I forced myself give up cheese.  To fully commit to feeling better I had to sacrifice cheese.Giving up cheese is honestly one of the hardest things I have ever had to do.  It pissed me off and made me bitter.  I almost gave up on the plan because I didn’t want to give up my favorite food.  While my body was going through cheese withdraw I just became more and more angry.  How unfair!!!  This is a comfort food that I ate every single day!    I pouted, cursed, and literally bawled my eyes out.
Grace talked me though some tough days.  Once I finally let go, guess what??  I lost five pounds in one week and the inflammation in my belly area dissipated.  I also felt like a thick fog lifted from my head.  Since I gave up dairy, I feel sooooooo much better!  Even THAT pissed me off.  But what can I say, the cheese is the culprit.
I know that cleansing my body of processed foods allows me to really be in tune with how foods affect my body.  I can pinpoint exactly what is making me feel a certain way because I am eating so clean right now.  I have more sensitivities than I was ever aware of and it is helping me to make better choices.  Gluten is another challenge.  Who wants to give up cheese AND bread?  UGH!  I am getting a clear explanation of why I have been struggling with my weight for so long.  It is all starting to make sense.   Through this metabolic reset process my relationship with food is evolving.  I am more conscious of what I put into my mouth and I realize that I am not punishing myself by choosing to eat veggies instead of pizza.  I am showing myself love and kindness when I make better food choices. If you give your body the nutrition it craves, it functions the way it should.  Awareness of food sensitivities has given me an unexpected and welcomed sense of freedom!

I have tried many weight loss programs, including Diet Center, Weight Watchers, and Atkins, but the Met Reset Program is the first program that has really felt like a lifestyle change for me. I was a carboholic, so it was difficult at first to adjust to not eating things like bread. But it didn’t take long to develop a love of eating simple, whole foods, as I have on this program.

I have lost 34 pounds so far, many inches, and nearly four pant sizes. I have so much more energy and I actually like exercising. This is an easy program to follow and the support that Julie and Grace provide is individualized to each person. They help me figure out what works specifically for me. And clearly it is working! Thank you, Met Reset Program for changing my life!


For me it’s not just about the numbers.  Pounds, inches, pant size, calories and weighing food, all important numbers to track. But how do I measure feeling healthy?  How do I measure feeling “in control”?  I wanted to be able to play with my grandkids. Several key components lined up to get me started on a path to better health.  Sugar addiction, food related inflammation and other food/health related articles had caught my attention.  My knees hurt, I had some trouble sleeping and I was 50-60 lb. overweight.

I tried to use a diet plan that helped me lose weight before, restricting calories but eating any foods I wanted.  I began the plan but felt defeated in days as I experienced cravings and lacked energy and my knees hurt.  I spoke with a friend who was looking and feeling great after a weight loss.  She gave me contact information for Metabolic Reset and Weight Loss.

The numbers I’m most proud of after 1 year working with Grace?  Two 6.5 mile mountain hikes this past month. Playing driveway basketball with my 6 year old grandson, pushing him with underdogs on the park swing.  Carrying my 25 pound granddaughter up flights of stairs with her diaper bag, dancing around the family room holding her.  And yes,  50 lb. gone!   No more knee pain, better concentration and sleep.  Learning to eat whole foods and not processed.  Eliminating foods that can cause inflammation, bloating or affect my body in negative ways was the start.  It’s a journey of learning and living with the support and insights I received from Grace has me enjoying life.


When I learned about the Metabolic Reset Program in January 2013 I was pretty desperate. I had never had problems losing weight, and all of a sudden nothing worked and I couldn’t lose weight anymore. I had slowly gained 15 lbs over a year and a half of working in corporate America, eating out and being too tired to keep up my workout schedule. With the program I lost all that extra weight in only 6 weeks, and the best thing is that I lost fat and gained muscles instead. I followed the instructions precisely under Grace’s guidance. It takes discipline and commitment, and it works! I am very happy with the results and consider this a huge success. Thanks!


The Met Reset Program led by Grace has made a most profound impact on my dietary and lifestyle habits! Over the course of 4 months in the program I have learned to recognize what my body needs and doesn’t need as far as nutrition goes. I’m more aware of my eating patterns which will help me prepare for those moments in life where stress used to completely take over. I have slowly added exercise as part of my weekly habits, and now look forward to checking in with Grace to see the positive changes I am making for my own well-being. It is so critical to have the support and guidelines of the program. The roller coaster of emotions associated with my weight has greatly decreased and it feels amazing. The mindset I walked in the first session with and the one I have today is completely different and I am so grateful for the positive health habits I will have for life.


I started Met Reset thinking I needed to try something different, as I have an auto-immune disease where I take a great deal of medication, including steroids. I have been on steroids for many years and it increases my appetite. No matter what I would do, I would gain weight and it was difficult to lose this weight. I am on the Met Reset program and am very surprised at how much it has helped me. Not only have I lost weight, but I also feel so much better psychologically.

This program gives me all the right tools and support and I feel so much better all around. Yes, the program works, but I think having Grace as the Metabolic Reset and Weight Loss Program Manager is also what has made this program work for me. Grace makes every effort to make you feel you are doing something right and creates a great atmosphere. If you feel something isn’t working, she makes some great suggestions to get you back on track. I don’t think I would have done as well as I have done, if it had not been for Grace and her wonderful support!!


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