Testimonials and Reviews for Our Nutritionists


Earlier this year, I got some blood work results that scared me. I knew I had to take better care of myself, but I didn’t know where to start with my diet. Starkel Nutrition was one of the offices that my doctor recommended, and they had the best response out of the offices I contacted with questions. I’ve had an awesome experience working with Cory Mygrant! She is knowledgeable and flexible. She cares about whether a suggestion she has works for me, and is great at pivoting when I need something new. I feel like a partner with Cory in my health. My body feels good more consistently since I started working with Cory than it did before I started working with her. More ease. 

Mickey B.

I was delighted & a bit surprised about how much I learned during the Cleanse. The program offers a unique combination of education, support, guided experimentation, and fun. I had many lasting takeaways, including several recipes I keep going back to.

Heather M.

I have had a great experience with Starkel Nutrition. My nutritionist Emmilia has been the best! she has been patient, kind, and creative in the way she has supported me while I improve my nutrition. Always listening to my concerns and respecting my rhythm, I have already recommended Starkel Nutrition to my friends as I have found it so helpful in my healing journey!


I have been working with SN for the past six months on reevaluating my diet and nutrition. They helped me think about the foods I was eating and their impact – both positive and negative – on my gut health. I’ve learned what foods to eat more of (fiber & protein), as well as various supplements to incorporate. They are incredibly knowledgeable and are able to answer all of my questions in a way that makes sense and is easy to understand. They’re personable, patient, understanding, and compassionate, and their support and guidance have helped me change my life for the better. I trust what they say because I’ve experienced the results first-hand. I’m so grateful our paths crossed.


I really want to commend Riana, Emmilia, and Starkel Nutrition on conducting such an outstanding Cleanse program. For me, it was, LITERALLY, life-changing! Up to this point, I’d not been successful in moderating or changing my eating habits. But this Cleanse changed that! I’ve never done a cleanse before and was worried that I would be hungry and/or crave the (non-Cleanse friendly) foods I normally eat. The carefully constructed program gently introduces you to the world of proper nutrition and I was astounded that with the correct nutrition and supplements, my body responded by dropping 16 lbs (even though it’s not a weight loss program) and feeling great. Best of all, I’ve had NO CRAVINGS. The regular education on holistic lifestyle topics, as well as nutrition, rounded out the program nicely. I plan to keep a lot of healthy choices going forward. The Cleanse really exceeded my expectations…..and so did I, thanks to Starkel Nutrition.


Helen W.

Earlier this year I was put on a restrictive non-gluten, non-sugar diet for health reasons and I was very worried about how to accomplish this. I was referred to Starkel by my naturopath. Emmilia was my nutritionist from Starkel who worked with me on figuring out what I could eat and discussing everything from how I felt in the new diet to getting recommendations for a food service to understanding the more of the science behind what was happening in my body in relation to food. I couldn’t have gotten through such rigorous cut over into a different diet without her support.

I wanted to write and let you know how much I have enjoyed working with Starkel Nutrition this last year and a half. They have been a tremendous support to me before, during and after my cancer diagnosis. They are extraordinarily kind and compassionate in addition to being professional and knowledgeable. I have benefited greatly from their depth and breadth of experience and expertise in nutrition – especially the ketogenic diet. They have shared some awesome recipes, helped me with research on cholesterol, provided resources for cancer treatment, collaborated with my medical providers, closely monitored my lab tests and supplements and even like delving into information related to genetic markers.
I am grateful that I have access to Starkel Nutrition where Nutritional Counseling is covered by my insurance carrier. Thank you for making all this available to me.



I’m so happy with the care I’ve received from Starkel Nutrition! I look forward to learning more and getting and staying healthier.


Starkel Nutrition and Cory Mygrant, my RDN there, have totally changed the way I understand my body, gut, hormones, and health for the better! They patiently helped me address terrible acne and the possible hormone and nutrition imbalances behind it while making it an exciting journey of understanding my body.

Everyone I’ve spoken to at Starkel Nutrition is so genuinely caring about me as a client and take the time to explain the scientific processes behind their recommendations or illuminate how my gut was reacting to different things. They also provide such great resources like recipes and personal recommendations based on my lifestyle. I’m so happy I found Starkel Nutrition.

Olivia H.

I did the Fall 2021 Cleanse Program and Emmilia was great! So knowledgable, supportive & understanding. Highly recommend.



For me this place is not merely an amazing resource, it’s a game changer – I wish I’d found Starkel sooner!

I started this year getting all too familiar with my local hospital, and ended up here with a handful of health diagnoses, and no expectations. After years (so many years!!) of digestion problems, food was my own personal nemesis and I honestly dreaded the next meal…

A few months later and I am so grateful! They patiently treat the whole me – listening, researching, keeping great notes, and teaching me what my individual body needs. I also appreciate the various insightful topics of their newsletters and practical recipe library.

They do give you a heads up that, yes, the new patient forms are somewhat extensive – but these are totally worth the time it will take you! (Keep in mind you’re doing this for you after all.) Also be sure to call your insurance personally about your coverage – mine did not advertise that they DO offer coverage of “nutritional counseling” because they consider it a good preventative for other health issues. Just Go! because you too can feel better from the inside out!


Awesome team of providers!!! I have been trusting them with my nutritional goals for the past year and have learned so much. Their knowledge and patience are beyond measure. They are an incredible resource!

Tracey M.

I am a busy homeschooling mom with three kids. I love having the option of Telemedicine as it is pretty much the only way I would be able to make things work. I really appreciate having the option and I love Riana!


Julie has truly improved my life. Though the teamwork with her and my gastroenterologist we got me to a point where my chronic issues were no longer chronic!

When I met her, my gut flora was massively screwed up from getting really sick on my honeymoon in a different country. I was miserable. I was even having a tough time before that, all my life, but I thought that was normal. You get used to feeling bad sometimes.

But turns out I had a pretty nasty case of SIBO! I got on some herbal antibiotics and that plus counseling on how to help the gut flora get better by both diet and lifestyle changes, I am doing a billion times better. She treated me with care, heard all my concerns with sincerity, and always gave me some guidelines. She also responds timely to any questions emailed.

If I ever have kids, I plan on working with her with whatever I eat while pregnant! Then I’ll find out more questions! Julie’s stuck with me!

Lauren H.

I have been working with Julie on a plan to lower my overall cholesterol level, improve my low energy levels, get a handle on mood swings and help with poor mental clarity (or foggy brain). By identifying food allergies with special blood tests she uses, within five months, my overall cholesterol dropped 26 points (LDL declined by 20%), my energy levels were noticeably better, my mood swings have all but gone away and the foggy brain? Gone, and everything is continuing to improve too!!!

Julie is great to work with. I like to think of her as my coach or partner in health. She genuinely cares about your health and really wants to work with you to help you have optimal health and happiness. I have thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated working with her and am looking forward to continuing our path to great health together!!!


Starkel Nutrition has been guiding me along my journey to health for over a year now.  They are kind and patient and as much therapists as nutritionists. I came into the process with a lot of knowledge from previous attempts at weight loss, but it was their continuous encouragement and helping me to understand my own sabotages in many cases that really helped me get on the path to wellness. Everyone in the office has been wonderful to interact with and very helpful.

Barry P.

Julie came up with a plan of action for me after reviewing all of my medical records very carefully and interviewing me at length. I started with a cleanse and at times it was difficult for me. I wasn’t sure I could do it after having been so beaten down for so long by my poor health. But Julie was there every step of the way and continues to do so.

In the first few weeks I needed hour by hour help via phone and email, and Julie was always there making me feel like I was her only client. I had complete faith in her knowledge and abilities, and this says a lot given how disillusioned I had become with all health care practitioners.

She gave me the personalized attention that someone like me, who was so sick and had so many complicating factors, needed to start the healing process. I could not have received this kind of help and attention from a lesser person. I literally felt like I had an angel leading me out of my nightmare.

Ellen M.

I have been seeing Riana at Starkel Nutrition for about nine months now, and hands down, it has been one of the best things I ever did for myself. I received a recommendation from my doctor that I seek out a nutritionist during my fertility journey, and Starkel ended up being a great choice.
Riana not only asked me what my goals were for that journey, but what my goals were for the rest of my life.
She is knowledgeable about intuitive eating, Health at Every Size, and did not enforce outdated ideas about my BMI or diet culture on my plan.
Lastly, all of my appointments thus far have been virtual. They use a great portal and patient dashboard that is super user-friendly, and although I’ve never met my provider in person, it doesn’t feel distant. Starkel really embraces a patient-driven plan and I cannot recommend them, and Riana, enough.


I love working with Emmilia! If I wasn’t already undergoing a protocol for SIBO, I’d join the Cleanse! Thank you for being you, Emmilia!


Emmilia is wonderful and has helped me so much over the last year with eating and digestive issues. In addition to a Nutritionist, she is like a mini-therapist–going beyond just “what did you eat” and really diving into the “whys” behind certain eating habits or symptoms I might be experiencing. She has done a wonderful job of meeting me where I am at and being nonjudgemental and supportive throughout!


I have been a client of Starkel Nutrition for the past 10 years – and I highly recommend it for help with your nutritional needs. During the past 10 years, I have worked with Julie Starkel as my dietitian and nutritionist. Julie is highly intelligent and knowledgeable about health and nutrition. I can always count on her to inform me about the latest research and to help get me /keep me on track. I have very much appreciated Starkel Nutrition’s website – where I am able to see the notes from my sessions with Julie, see future appointments, messages, and health documents. In addition to Julie’s help and expertise, I have very much appreciated the ‘ frontline work’ of Lauren Chambers at the front desk and Tine Frausing, the office manager. Time after time, over the past 2 COVID years, Lauren and Tine have followed up my phone call/email inquiries with quick responses…whether it was changing appointments, billing questions, or follow-up information from my sessions. All in all, Julie, Lauren and Tine, Mairin on the marketing team, and the rest of the Starkel Nutrition team are fabulous and I highly recommend them!

Japhy W.

I highly recommend Riana Giusti as a nutritionist and a good person.  When we started meeting, I was pre-diabetic, with fatty liver disease, high triglycerides, high cholesterol, and overweight.  Riana has helped me change my lifestyle, helping me to understand that improved health can come with a change of diet, moderate exercise, and adequate sleep.  I have a family history of diabetes and have seen how harmful it can be.  So I was very motivated to try to make changes.   I just needed help with what to do.  Riana has been an excellent counselor.  She has a thorough academic understanding of nutrition and can explain how her advice is based on scientific research of how food affects our body.  She has the capability to be very technical and nerdy, but very graciously, she is down to earth and relatable with her explanations.  She has a strong background in advising and preparing healthy meals for families and at restaurants.  From that experience, she has been an excellent resource with practical ways to implement my new diet and lifestyle strategy – with recipes, food lists, and encouragement for exercise and rest.  Most especially, she has a gentle and friendly spirit.  She understands that nutritional health doesn’t just follow from what you eat, it also comes from inner kindness that allows your body to open up and receive the nutrients.  Riana models the intelligence and kindness that allows for purposeful nourishment and healthy nurture.  I am happy to say most of my health issues have been resolved.  The only issue that remains is I am still overweight, but 10 lbs less than when I started.   Our counseling sessions have now transitioned to support and encouragement so I can maintain my new lifestyle.  Riana’s gentle promptings help me stay on track.  I appreciate Riana’s help very much so I can enjoy my later years in well-being instead of struggling with disease.

Curtis Y.

I started nutritional counseling because of constant bloating and feeling sick after most meals. I worked with Emmilia Smith, who helped me get tested for SIBO and do a food restriction and reintroduction diet to better understand what foods my body can tolerate and which cause symptoms. Since seeing her and using the resources I have gained from Starkel Nutrition, my stomach finally feels normal and I feel so much better! Beyond just nutrition, she really helps with my feelings around food, movement, and even daily energy. Highly recommend!

Kacey R.

I am a BIG fan of Starkel Nutrition. I have had the pleasure of working with Julie Starkel and a few of their other providers. Their approach is predicated on education and the needs of their clients. I feel taken care of and listened to. They should honestly be called Nutrition Therapists. I have done so many “diet” programs with the typical yo-yo results. It wasn’t until I found Starkel Nutrition that I truly began to reframe my relationship with food. They have been my biggest ally through a rough 2020 that I’m sure everyone has experienced. I can’t thank Starkel Nutrition enough.

Nathan G.

I have had a great experience with Starkel Nutrition. My nutritionist Emmilia has been the best! She has been patient, kind, and creative in the way she has supported me while I improve my nutrition. Always listening to my concerns and respecting my rhythm, I have already recommended Starkel Nutrition to my friends as I have found it so helpful in my healing journey!


This was my first time ever seeing a nutritionist and let me tell you – they are wonderful! The Starkel Nutrition care team is present, caring, and in no way too clinical (I really needed the compassion during ED recovery). They are also excellent with collaborative care to ensure that all of your doctors, therapists, etc are kept in the loop and being consistent on all fronts. 10/10 amazing!

Mary H.

I have long struggled with impulsivity around eating and got to a point during Covid it was way too much becoming way heavier than is healthy for me. Emmilia empowered me with all of the info and tools I needed to get back to a healthy weight. I met with her weekly for about 10 weeks or so but I will cherish the lessons and resources for the rest of my life!

Emily G.

I feel that I’ve come a long way, and I’m confident that I can take the things I’ve learned and give it a go on my own. I want to say thank you, sincerely, for the help provided. I feel like a different person. My outlook on food and myself has completely changed, and I’m sure I wouldn’t have gotten to this place without Starkel Nutrition and my provider’s care and guidance. Thank you for helping me right a lifetime of wrongs and for helping me see my own value.


I can not even begin to express my gratitude for the existence of this clinic! The nutritionists at Starkel Nutrition are incredibly intelligent and at times I have felt that I receive better care and more quality information here than I have working with many different primary care doctors. The office is comfortable and one on one hour long meetings make for a true connection with nutritionist. If your insurance covers nutrition visits I would 10 out of 10 recommend scheduling an appointment at Starkel Nutrition. My health has drastically improved since I started going here. Let food be thy medicine!


I have had an absolutely wonderful experience at Starkel Nutrition! I have worked with Julie for several years and she is incredibly knowledgeable, kind and genuinely wants to help you reach your goals. She is always up to date with the latest nutrition research and helps you understand the reasoning behind certain food choices. I have seen huge improvements in my health while working with her. I highly recommend Julie and her team!

Michaela M.

In my 40s and 50s, I experienced some weight loss – but each time I quickly regained the weight. At 61, I decided to try to drop sixty pounds, but this time with the assistance of a professional nutritionist. I arrived a little skeptical due to prior experiences with nutritionists but found it to be a complete joy working with the Starkel Nutrition staff. They showed no interest in suggesting the latest diet fad. Before they gave advice, they conducted a complete review of my medical history and asked questions about my eating habits and lifestyle. Within a couple of weeks of following their suggestions, the pounds started to drop.By the sixth month of my plan, I had lost forty pounds and even my lab work had improved. I am well on my way to obtaining my goal. The summer and Thanksgiving have passed, and I have not regained any weight. In fact, I have continued to lose. Most importantly, I am healthier, and I feel great. Thank you Starkel Nutrition for sharing your knowledge. Your professional excellence has helped to change my life.

Lafvonne G.

I value working with Dr. McKinstry and have been so thankful for the telehealth opportunity during this crazy time.


I have worked with Julie Starkel over several sessions twice in 5 years. This second round of sessions she is treating me for SIBO, a sluggish migratory motor complex, and an inflammatory autoimmune condition. I also have osteopenia and am pre-diabetes.
Julie is on top of it all. I provided her with recent test results (including breath and stool tests). Based on those she is treating me with herbal antibiotics and allicin for SIBO. Under her guidance for the first time I am supplementing with a sufficient amount of digestive acid, and together we have found that magnesium citrate is my answer for slow migratory motor complex. At my latest session she provided a thorough overview of foods to choose (and not choose) to minimize inflammation. And next time we will review my updated DEXA scan and create a plan for bone health.
Julie is calm, experienced, deeply informed, and generous. She keeps my entire picture in mind and is a fount of ideas and helpful suggestions. She can meet either in person or online, and is responsive to email (via ChARM). She maintains a supply of important supplements at her office so I have the option of buying from her direct at the same prices available to me elsewhere, with the benefit that I know I am getting the genuine formulation. She generated an account for me with a trustworthy online supplier through which I receive a discount.
I am getting better results from Julie’s guidance than I have experienced with anyone else for SIBO and slow MMC… I am optimistic and grateful, and feel I am in the right hands. Thank you, Julie!

Becky B.

When I came to see Julie, I was angry. You might say I went to see her for couples counseling. My body and I were not getting along. I didn’t trust my body or understand it at all. Everything I did seemed to be the wrong thing. Finally, Julie Starkel dropped it on me…I was a genetic pre-diabetic. I had a healthy history of diabetes Type II in my family and I was starting to show the first symptoms of lethargic metabolism, easy weight gain and difficulty losing weight. She introduced me to an eating program that restricted so many of the foods most people eat…grains, dairy, carbs.

The transition was difficult. There have been adjustments though for the good. I learned not to listen to what everyone else is doing, but rather what has worked for my body as a pre-diabetic. Instead of bemoaning what I can’t have, I take in all the ingredients on the menu and order from the ingredients rather than their pre-packaged meal designs in a restaurant.Don’t get me wrong, I have my moments, I splurge or fall off the wagon. What is interesting is I now desire mentally to return to the foods that make my body run well. I am not at the end of my journey because only time will grant me the gift of stability of my weight, but I will tell you my confidence to shape my destiny is much higher than I have experienced on any other program. I hope you will experience the peace I have found with my body. We are in love again.”

Julie S.