RDN/CN Practitioner Positions Open Now

Functional Medicine Nutritionist – RDN or CN or CN/LMHC (Mix of in-person and remote)

Eating Disorder Nutritionist – RDN or CN or CN/LMHC (No positions open at this time)

Starkel Nutrition was started in 2008 by Julie Starkel, our founder and owner, who was interested in diving deep with clients into their health using functional medicine nutrition, an area in which she was trained.  She had worked with clients in more conventional settings where she was limited in what she could do because of policies or regulations.  Therefore she started a clinic where she and her colleagues could practice together, autonomously, using their own unique talents and expertise to provide the best possible nutrition and care for their clients.

Starkel Nutrition Core Values

Our clinic developed core values that are the foundation of how we practice, how we work with each other and how we interact with our clients.  We hire with these core values in mind and seek out team members who espouse these values as well.  If you are one of those people, please contact us.  We’d love to hear from you.

Below are our core values with an abbreviated description of each.  For our full description, please visit our Core Values page.

  • Outstanding Quality of care
    • We strive to deliver the highest quality nutritional care and administrative support possible.
  • Inspiring
    • We are passionate about being leaders of inspiration – to inspire our clients, our colleagues and our own inspiration.
  • Boundless Growth
    • Inspired by insatiable curiosity, we are committed to all forms of growth – our clients’ growth, our colleagues’ growth and our own personal and professional development.
  • Mindful Communication
    • Focused on listening and hearing, we seek to communicate with clarity, respect and conciseness, while being inclusive in our language and actions.
  • Connected
    • Aware of others’ needs and with the desire to build community, we seek to be engaged with clients, team members, culture, society, science, behavior, food trends, all while having fun and celebrating successes.