Health Coaching


Do you struggle with keeping up motivation and pushing past obstacles?

Are you repeatedly setting goals only to find them unrealistic and overwhelming? 

Does holding yourself accountable seem like an impossible task?


If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may benefit from working alongside a health coach. You do not have to go through this journey alone; our expert team is here to help you implement diet and lifestyle changes for the long-run by meeting you where you are and helping you create an attainable action plan to accomplish your goals and take back your health.


Health coaches help you figure out where to start and show up for yourself when change is hard 


What is a Health Coach? 

Coaching is a partnership in which you collaborate closely to create an individualized plan that supports genuine, lasting lifestyle change. A number of Starkel Nutrition’s masters-level nutritionists are also expert health coaches. This means they go beyond providing nutritional advice to partner with you on a deeper level and help you set personalized goals, harness your intrinsic motivation, and provide accountability and support. 


Health coaches help you prioritize your goals and create lasting change 


How Will I Benefit from Working with a Health Coach?

  • You will learn how to utilize your unique strengths and resources to accomplish your goals faster
  • You will develop an increased sense of autonomy and resilience through thoughtful discussion about your values and goals
  • You will uncover how to move past barriers and set yourself up for success when creating new health habits
  • You will receive consistent support, encouragement, and accountability from someone who knows how hard change can be and is ready to help you through it


Health coaches help you tap into your values and become the best version of yourself


The Bottom Line

While seeking personalized nutrition advice is an important step on your journey to better health, we also understand that implementing those changes can be difficult on your own. So take advantage of Starkel Nutrition’s health coaching program to get the best of both worlds: evidence-based nutritional guidance from licensed professionals who coach you through the difficult process of behavior change. When you team up with us, you get both high-level science AND psychology of behavioral change expertise. Research actually shows that we are actually more likely (95% more likely!) to achieve our goals when we team up with someone rather than plowing through the battle alone! So let us walk with you on your health journey and help you to create lasting change.


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