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Cholesterol Management

Cholesterol is an integral part of our cell membranes; we need cholesterol.  However, we usually hear about it as a negative component of our health status.  Like most elements of health, cholesterol needs to be in balance. There are many types of cholesterol such as the infamous LDL, even more notorious VLDL, the beneficial HDL or the nebulous “other”.  In addition to that, labs are now able to dig deeper into our cholesterol profile and share details such as particle size and density. 

We used to think that high cholesterol foods gave us high cholesterol, so a therapeutic approach sounded relatively easy:  eat fewer high cholesterol foods. We now know this is not 100% true, and that there are many aspects to balancing our cholesterol levels.

Our Approach

As with our approach to most health conditions, we know that the way to improving someone’s cholesterol profile is highly personal.  Our primary tool is diet, of course, but we also focus on lifestyle, stress levels, sleep, liver health (where we make cholesterol in our bodies), genetics and more.  In addition, we know that food brings pleasure, so creating a way forward that includes delicious food and a balanced life is important as well.

It takes at least six months to change cholesterol levels, but it is definitely achievable without medication, and their potential side effects, for most.  Developing new skills and habits takes time, but we are committed to work with you to find a way forward that gives you success in life and with your cholesterol levels.


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I have so much gratitude for how much your team has improved my quality of life – both in my mind and how I feel. It’s made me expect the same level of excellence in other specialists that I visit. Thank you for all of the support!

Nina P.