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Starkel Nutrition offers knowledgeable and caring treatment of eating disorders and disordered eating, treating both adults and adolescents. Our treatment team addresses the whole person, understanding that everyone’s recovery journey is individualized and unique. When appropriate, we utilize a functional medicine approach, looking at the mind/body/spirit connection and addressing the root causes of disordered eating behaviors.

Conditions Treated

We treat diagnosed eating disorders, such as Anorexia, Binge Eating Disorder, Bulimia, and ARFID, as well as other food issues that do not meet the diagnostic criteria for specific diagnoses.  This category includes those with maladaptive thoughts and behaviors related to eating and body image, including (but not limited to):

  • emotional eating
  • constantly weighing/measuring/tracking food
  • compulsive exercise
  • obsessively counting calories
  • avoiding social events and/or restaurants to adhere to diet
  • feeling a loss of control around food
  • eating in secret
  • feelings of guilt or shame after eating

Our Approach

At Starkel Nutrition we promote a team approach.  Our comprehensive care involves meetings with a nutrition therapist, coordination of care with other healthcare providers and an extensive referral system if more intensive support is needed.

We utilize a Health at Every Size Approach while working with improving one’s relationship to food and body. We believe that what a person’s weight does as a result of improving health behaviors is the right thing for their body. Our eating disorder nutritionists will play a supportive role in addressing the harmful impacts of diet culture, weight stigma, and other traumas contributing to disordered eating. We are weight-inclusive and respect the diversity of all body shapes and sizes. We promote flexible eating behaviors based on hunger, fullness, individualized nutritional needs, taste, and pleasure. Our end goal with each client is to create more flexibility, compassion, and peace with food and body.

At Starkel Nutrition, we know that any gender and any body can be affected by an eating disorder and/or disordered eating. We provide an inclusive space that’s physically and emotionally safe for queer, trans, and gender non-conforming individuals. We understand and offer support with the complexities of gender dysphoria in relation to body dysmorphia, and how these can further influence and fuel eating disorder behaviors.

If you or someone you know is having difficulties related to food, body image, or exercise, our attentive team at Starkel Nutrition is available to provide specialized treatment.  Contact us to learn more and set up an appointment.


Eating Disorder & Disordered Eating
Specialists at Starkel Nutrition: Shannon Fenster 




  • Body Respect – Linda Bacon
  • Health At Every Size – Linda Bacon
  • The Happiness Trap – Russ Harris
  • Intuitive Eating – Evelyn Tribole & Elyse Resch
  • Secrets of Feeding a Healthy Family – Ellyn Satter
  • Radical Acceptance – Tara Brach
  • Eating in the light of the moon- Dr. Anita Johnston


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  • Dietitians Unplugged
My outlook on food and myself has completely changed, and I’m sure I wouldn’t have gotten to this place without your care and guidance. Thank you for helping me right a lifetime of wrongs and for helping me see my own value. 


COVID-19 updates: We are open and accepting new patients! We offer 100% of our appointments via Telehealth to keep you healthy, safe and at home.

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