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One of the most common client questions I’m getting right now is how to change their exercise routine so they can successfully work out at home. All our normal schedules have been shifted, broken and scattered, and we are scrambling to pick up the pieces. We all know routine and schedule are important to be successful in continuing to move our bodies, and, well, those don’t exist right now. So how do we exert order on the chaos around us?

1. Change what you’re doing

If you used to hit the gym regularly but that equipment is no longer available to you, think about what you can do instead. Maybe it’s walking or running outside. Maybe it’s home calisthenics. Maybe it’s a 7 minute workout. Maybe it’s yoga, pilates or dancing. The list of possibilities is endless. The most important quality is to find something you want to do that will feel good on your body without reference to other people (especially social media) or their expectations. 

2. Simplify your exercise routine to fit your current lifestyle

If you’re suddenly home with the kids and find it difficult to carve out a large chunk of time to exercise, do it in small 5 or 10 minute increments. Do jumping jacks between school subjects. Do sun salutations between meetings at work. The most important thing is to move our body on a regular basis.

3. Modify your routine as needed

Don’t be afraid to change and change and change again. If you picked out an online dance class but find it too intense, or can’t complete the full hour because of family obligations, don’t give up. Try breaking up the class into smaller sections that feel better on your body, into a schedule that better fits into life as it currently exists. If you’re a runner but find it difficult to get out for a full run on your own, try putting your kiddos on bikes and running with them. You get some exercise and wear the kids out at the same time!

4. Be Gentle with yourself

This is probably the most important concept to remember when it comes to exercise at home. It seems like you have so much time and that you should come out of this with the body of your dreams, but in reality, we are all under an intense amount of stress. This is not the time to establish a rigorous work out regiment. This is a time to simply find ways to move on an every day basis.

Some days, simply completing the activities of daily living is enough. Instead of taking on the guilt of not meeting your exercise expectations, congratulate yourself on what you have done today, whether it’s stretching, a walk or a kettle-bell workout.

You are enough. You are doing enough.

3 easy and free exercise resources

  • 7 minute work out:
  • Yoga with Adriene:
  • Fitness Blender:

If you’re ready to start your journey to health while stuck at home but can’t quite get there on your own, make an appointment today! The nutritionists at Starkel Nutrition specialize in counseling around lifestyle changes. The best part? All our appointments are currently 100% Telehealth and most insurances are accepted. 

Autumn Hoverter, MS, RDN Written by Autumn Hoverter, MS, RDN