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All Protein Powders!

Read our blog post on protein powders to find the right one for you!

All of the protein powders we currently carry are gluten free and vegan.

Sunwarrior Warrior Blend


Available in chocolate, vanilla, and natural (unflavored).

17.6 oz (1.1 lbs)

WAS $29.97

NOW $23.98


35.2 oz (2.2 lbs)

WAS $41.61

NOW $33.29


Thorne VegaLite


32.6 oz

WAS $60.00

NOW $48.00


Omega Nutrition Pumpkin Seed


21 oz

WAS $37.50

NOW $30.00

Natural Vitality Natural Calm


Available in Original/Unflavored.

Magnesium For Stress Relief

Natural Vitality’s Natural Calm is a magnesium supplement that balances the body’s magnesium and calcium levels to help alleviate stress. While calcium excites nerves and makes muscles contract and tense, magnesium calms nerves and relaxes muscles. Adequate magnesium intake is necessary in order to balance out calcium levels so your body can relax properly.

8 oz

WAS $25.95

NOW $20.76


16 oz 

WAS $39.95

NOW $31.96

Thorne Vitamin D


Vitamin D is necessary for developing and maintaining strong bones, and can help prevent osteoporosis. It is also essential for neuromuscular and immune function, and helps to reduces inflammation. It is found in few foods, and although Vitamin D can be naturally obtained from sunlight, supplementation may be necessary for those of us who live in places such as Seattle, where we are not exposed to much sunlight.

5,000 IU

WAS $12.60

NOW $10.08


10,000 IU

WAS $17.00

NOW $13.60