Although we know it is best to get our nutrients from whole food sources, sometimes that is just not possible and we need something easy and quick. The good news is that it really doesn’t have to be all that bad for you! But who’s to say which one is the better option when there are so many choices? For instance, protein in the form of protein powders: is it healthy? There are thousands on the market. Have you ever been confused on which is right for you? Whey, soy, hemp, etc? Read on…

Often times, we find not-so-great ingredients hidden in our protein powders. Artificial colors and flavors, soy lecithin, carrageenan, isolates, xanthan gum, sugar, soybean oil, gluten, and hydrogenated anything. Who wants all that, I just want protein! Here’s the good news: the protein powders on this list are good choices and are mostly derived from whole food sources. Not all are perfect for each individual, so do a little testing on yourself to see which works for you. Try them out, and let us know what you think!

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Thorne VegaLite


Pea protein, rice protein, flavors, stevia leaf, silicon dioxide.  This is an elemental form, meaning it is already broken down into amino acids.  This is the best option for those avoiding dairy and who have gut problems.


Omega Nutrition Pumpkin Seed Protein Powder


Organic pumpkin seed powder. *one ingredient!  If pumpkin seeds agree with you, this is a great option.  The downside is that you need quite a bit to hit the healthy protein targets of 15-25 grams/meals.


Sun Warrior’s Warrior Blend Protein Powder


A blend of vegan sources, and stevia in the chocolate and vanilla flavored ones.  This one is well-tolerated, mild tasting and our go-to protein powder for those avoiding dairy.


Tera’s Organic Grass Fed Whey


Organic dairy whey concentrate, organic vanilla, organic stevia leaf, organic soy lecithin.  For those who do not have dairy allergies, a plain, whey protein powder is usually an excellent choice.


Health Force Nutritional’s Warrior Food Extreme


Sprouted brown rice protein, hemp protein, nopal cactus, stevia, vanilla bean, arctic root, enzymes, milk thistle.


Nutiva’s Hemp Protein


Organic hemp protein *one ingredient!  Tastes a little, um, earthy, for most.


These are all great blended in smoothies, blended with milk or any milk alternative, veggies, fruit and fat, like coconut fat or manna, or mixed into a recipe to make your own protein bars.

Again, protein powders should not be your entire protein source, but are great in a time pinch or when we need a quick something on the go.


Yours in health,


Bastyr University Student Intern


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