As the weather gets colder, do you find it harder to get yourself moving? With less daylight in the evening, it can be a challenge for many working people to get the minimum of 30 minutes of exercise each day to benefit your body and mind. Here are some creative ideas for how to transform your exercise routine for the colder weather. Mix and match these ideas to keep working out interesting and joyful.


  • Snowy day? Head to the mountains!  Bring back the activities you used to love as a kid… sledding, snow shoeing (if you can walk, you can do this!), try skiing, snowboarding or ice skating, or just hike in the lower hills – yes, in the rain!  There is a reason REI started in Seattle.  If you have the gear, you are well-protected from the elements and the whole experience is much more pleasant.  Cross-country skiing is also a great cardio vascular exercise to get into.
  • Love to climb? Try an indoor climbing wall such as at the YMCA or at Vertical World Gym with nearby locations in Seattle and Redmond.  There are others too.
  • Feel like staying in? Grab some exercise videos from the public library or ask your friends what workout Youtube channels they like for yoga workouts, pilates, stability ball workouts, dance workouts, body weight strength exercises and more.  There’s no cost and so much variety, it’s a win-win!  We like ‘Yoga with Adriene’ on YouTube.
  • Warm yourself up with a hot or warm yoga session. There are many studios in the area to pick from. Just be sure to stay hydrated and if it’s your first time ask for instructions about how to prepare your body by calling the studio or looking for information on their website. We love Whole Life Yoga in Greenwood.  They have Yoga for Round Bodies, Yoga for Pregnancy, Yoga for Over 50, Yoga for Men, etc.  Namaste.
  • Aerobics isn’t just for Jane Fonda anymore.  They are updated!  There are dance classes, body pump, indoor cycling, and old fashioned aerobics.  Meet some of the people in your class and designate each other as an accountability buddy.  This exercise can then be a fun social time as well.
  • Swimming isn’t just for summer! Head to the gym to swim laps for a full body workout and warm up in the hot tub or sauna before your drive home. Seattle has several public pools.

This is just a start of all of the fun and invigorating ways to get moving in the cold weather.  I hope it’s inspired you to get moving and come up with even more fun ideas to embrace the season!

By Jessica, Student Intern