What if, after COVID-19 is under control and we have our “lives back”, we decided to make different choices? Our time of social distancing and limiting activities outside the home was different for all of us, yet many commonalities remain. Perhaps now we can emerge from this experience more present and aware of what worked well and what didn’t.  Quarantine may be coming to a close, but that doesn’t mean that the lessons we learned during it need to end too. What if we chose to bring with us some of the better lessons we learned during lockdown and isolation?

From our conversations with our clients, friends and family, we have seen patterns emerging. The desire to take our general health more seriously. Making meals at home became a ritual once again. Getting outside more often, whether it is riding our bicycles, catching the sunset nightly, or going on frequent walks. Sleeping at least 8 hours a day. Connecting with our loved ones in a more meaningful way. What if we make these new habits permanent? How would our lives change for the better? 

What if we actually continued to walk 3 times per day? Or continue to do yoga and online fitness from the comfort of our own home, carving out the time to do it knowing the benefits it provides? What if our animals at home were always this happy and well-exercised?

What if our kids did not have to be scheduled for every second of the day in structured activities? What if they had time to daydream, allowing their imagination to run wild? What would you want your kids to remember when they are grown-up? 

Think of what would happen if the creativity happening now were to continue. If the music, art and dance continued to unite us as it did under quarantine. How would our society be different if we continued to support our artists long after the lockdown is over? 

What if socially, we continued the frequent online video dinner dates, the online card games, and many more phone calls with people far away?

What if we had the option to work from home more often, when we need to get a lot of work done, or if a child is ill but only needs supervision?  What if we had our commute time back to walk the dog, talk to a significant other, or get on the Peloton?

What if learning continued to become a priority, whether it is learning how to play the ukulele, picking up a new language, growing our own food or meditating? 

Imagine walking down your street and continuing to engage in every day acts of kindness, perhaps by something as simple as waving at your neighbors every day?

What if we continued to connect more frequently with the elderly in our community and families? What if we continued to support local small businesses, family and POC-owned businesses, to know that we are a part of a bigger whole, a part of a neighborhood/community?

Our world has changed drastically and it is up to us now to allow this change to crescendo. We all can advocate for the type of lives we want to live, ones where we drive less, walk more, spend more time with our loved ones, enjoy the outdoors, connect with our communities, consume less and see our planet benefit as a result. 

What if we take the lessons we learned from this time, whether big or small, and allow them to impact our future for the better? What if now we can truly change the world?

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Written by our owner, nutritionist and speaker, Julie Starkel, MS, MBA, RDN/CD