We all know the holiday’s can be a stressful time of year, even if they are filled with festive cheer. For those that participate in holiday gift-giving, finding the perfect gifts for loved ones without breaking the bank can be a daunting task. That is why we are here to offer some suggestions! We think that giving a gift of health and wellness is the ultimate caring gesture. Find out what natural products we recommend (both for ourselves and others) as last-minute gift ideas this season!

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Benefits: antimicrobial, anti-viral, cold/flu protection, anti-inflammatory, immune system support , anti-viral, anti-fungal
One of our best sellers! Nutritionist Julie Starkel recommends this product to many of her clients, especially if they are battling a cold, traveling in the near future, or fighting infection. Silvercillin is a highly effective antimicrobial comprised of ionic silver and purified water. The silver particles are small enough to enter a single red blood cell and travel through the capillaries, inactivating viruses and inhibiting their replication on it’s way. Silvercillin is water soluble making it unable to penetrate through fat and since healthy cells within the body are protected by a membrane of fat (unlike the thin cell walls of pathogens) it does not harm beneficial bacteria.
Silvercillin is safe to use alongside antibiotics and may even enhance their efficacy. Let your loved one know it’s time to ditch the sugar filled Emergen-C packets and replace it with something much more effective. In addition, unlike the colloidal silver products of the past, this aqueous silver does NOT bioaccumulate in the body, and therefore no Blue Man syndrome. Read more about the product here.
Current in-clinic price: $20.36 (4oz spray bottle)

Benefits: anti-inflammatory, pain relief, antioxidant, liver/brain/heart health, immune system boosting, lung and gastrointestinal support

The main ingredient of CuraPro is curcumin, a bioactive compound found in turmeric. This ingredient shines under the lens of modern research due to its proven medicinal value. Curcumin is a powerful antioxidant with significant anti-inflammatory properties proving to be beneficial in the management of many conditions including chronic pain, cardiovascular disease, cancer, digestive disorders, diabetes, and brain disease. Curcumin has been shown to be a safer alternative to nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) such as aspirin and ibuprofen. The curcumin in Curapro is absorbed up to ten times more than plain curcumin due to the use of turmeric essential oil, which contains tumerones that boost absorption and the power of curcumin in the body. Read more about the product here. 
Current in-clinic price: $60.95

Life Guard Mini Multivitamin
Benefits: improves nutrient deficiencies, supplies essential nutrients and minerals that may be lacking in diet, supports overall health of systems

This supplement is a high-potency multivitamin with minerals that can be taken daily or in higher doses for maintenance. We like this particular vitamin because it supplies 40+ nutrients (all from forms found in nature) at their most functional amounts as well as active co-factors that enhance uptake. Read more about the product here.
Current in-clinic price: $58.88

Vitamin D
Benefits: bone strength, immune system support, mood enhancing, detoxification, heart health, protective against chronic diseases, sports performance

Living in the Pacific Northwest (PNW) we face an especially dark winter and limited sunlight throughout the year, putting all PNW dwellers at risk of Vitamin D deficiency which can express itself as seasonal depression and cause other more serious health problems. Vitamin D controls the expression of thousands of genes and is needed for calcium absorption, for proper detoxification to occur, and many other bodily functions. Being deficient in this key vitamin can put one at risk for a whole list of chronic diseases. Supplementation is one of the best ways to increase vitamin D in the body while living in places where there is not year-round sunlight.
Current in-clinic price: Multiple options ranging from $19.99 – $45.00

Collagen Peptides
Benefits: hair, skin, nails, and joint support, protective against leaky gut syndrome and intestinal permeability

Collagen is an essential building block of the body as it is the key structural protein and glue that holds everything together. Over time our bodies begin to produce less collagen affecting skin, bones, joints, muscles, hair, and nails. Consuming bioactive collagen counteracts this decline in collagen production improving joint/bone health, supporting connective tissues and injury prevention, and boosting radiant glowing skin. Collagen peptides can be dissolved in both hot and cold liquid making this supplement very versatile. Read more about the product here.
Current in-clinic price: $29.90 – $43.00 (10oz or 20oz size)

Fish Oil
Benefits: Fish oil Benefits: cognitive function, heart health, blood sugar stabilization, mood stabilizing, improves insulin sensitivity, beneficial for anxiety/depression, anti-inflammatory, liver support, detoxification, skin and hair health

Fish oil is one of the best sources of eicosapentanoic acid (EPA) and docosahexanoic acid (DHA), important Omega-3 fats necessary for brain function and overall anti-inflammation. Low levels of Omega-3s have been linked to inflammation, depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, attention deficit hyperactive disorder (ADHD), as well as dementia and other neurological disorders.

Omega-3’s build cell membranes, reduce inflammation, balance blood sugar, feed the brain, and aid in detoxification by supporting the liver. Plus fish oil is full of rich skin and hair-loving fat soluble nutrients that help to create glowing complexion and strong healthy hair. It has been said that modern diseases of the aging brain that were not observed in history before advanced human civilization can be associated with our decrease in Omega-3s and increase in refined inflammatory Omega-6 fatty oils that contribute to inflammation. Supplementing Omega-3s is recommended for most people to help balance this ratio and support optimal health.

For a vegan alternative to fish oil we recommend Algae Omega by Nordic Naturals which contains both EPA and DHA (unlike many other vegan Omega-3 supplements) sourced from a sustainable source of micro-algae.
Current in-clinic price: $27.95 – $45.00

L-Theanine (Suntheanine)
Benefits: sleep support, anxiety reduction, stress relieving, cognitive protection and performance enhancing, ADHD management, relaxation

L-Theanine is an amino acid derivative found in green tea and certain mushrooms known for its anxiety reducing and relaxing effects. L-theanine promotes alpha brain wave stimulation (also observed in states of deep sleep and meditation) which promotes tranquil relaxation without drowsiness, boosts creativity, and even helps to alleviate depression.

Additionally, L-theanine may have protective effects on the brain by maintaining health metabolism of glutamate, an excitatory neurotransmitter, which offers protection to the aging brain. Theanine is a great supplement for those who battle insomnia, depression, anxiety, ADHD, stress, or are simply looking for a relaxation aid. Read more about product here.
Current in-clinic price: $25.95

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